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Les Cultures de chez nous is the largest leek producer in Quebec. Unfortunately, this vegetable is little known among Quebeckers. Nmédia needed to design a website showcasing leeks’ benefits as well as demonstrating various ways to prepare them. In addition, the site also needed to highlight other foods offered by the grower: asparagus and berries.

What we created

For the project, Nmédia made over 800 recipes available online and published monthly articles written by a nutritionist. Recipe books are available for download or printing as well. In addition, various articles were added over the course of the year to keep the site active and interesting. Accessible via mobile, tablet or computer, this site is always readily available.

A lot of effort was placed on social media to enhance the Complètement poireau brand image. The creation of an easily activated and deactivated platform allows for contests and also increases the company’s visibility.

2018: new redesign

In 2018, the website and the logo of Complètement poireau are again modernized while an American branding is put in place. The new redesign touches both the design, structure and search engine optimization of the website.

Since then, the website continues to be enriched with recipes and articles and new users regularly join the still-active social community.

2019: we keep innovating

In order to attract a younger clientele and to diversify the website content, we added a brand new section dedicated to Serge the leek. Serge is the mascot born from the collaboration between Complètement poireau and Nmédia. As a young thirty-something, food enthusiast, epicurean and traveller, Serge shares his tips and tricks regarding food and his favourite recipes, along with life and travel anecdotes related to these recipes. In other words, Serge introduces, in a fun and familiar style, dynamic, vivid and colourful content.

Besides, Serge is the mainstay of one of our biggest projects in 2019: a cookbook in the style of a "travel diary". From Greece to Peru, through Italy, France, Morocco, Ireland, India and other exotic destinations, Serge introduces us to his favourite recipes from the other side of the world.

Finally, we proceeded to a complete redesign of the newsletter template in order to optimize the experience of the readers eager to have more diversified content. So we added an introduction section that informs the reader on the practices and developments in agriculture, along with a blog section dedicated to the articles we want to promote each month.

Complètement Poireau
Complètement poireau
Complètement poireau
Complètement poireau
Complètement poireau
Complètement poireau
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