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L'identité visuelle : une image à ne pas négliger!

Visual identity: an image not to be neglected!

March 12, 2018By Maxime Isabelle

Every day, we are bombarded by an astronomical amount of advertisement, branded products, innovations and I could go on. All this visual noise has increased over the past few years and our little eyes, stuck to our screens, have never been so solicited as they are now!

To stand out in this dizzying sea of images, it is obvious that companies must first rely on having a clear and unique message. Visual identity is the best way to spread that message, to be recognized by a diversified clientele and stand out among competitors (and by visual identity I mean logo, font, signature, image or other element linked to the company’s legal name, their product or services).

Unfortunately, many businesses get lost at this stage of the game.

Creating a brand image: not a family matter

Visual identity serves as a reference point in the eyes of potential clients and supports the credibility of a product or service. Many companies often make the mistake of turning to amateurs when the time comes to create a visual identity. A professional company must look professional!

Surely it is not your 14-year-old cousin who sort of knows his way around Photoshop who will offer the desired effect. Not to mention the supposedly specialized website that offers, with no further follow-up, logos at a ridiculously low price that may seem appropriate to your business.

Admittedly, you will save money. But your logo will look amateurish and that will most certainly reflect on your company.

What about pre-designed logos?

Yet other companies opt for predesigned logos. Many sites offer logos which you need only to modify with generic text such as the company name and slogan, often for free.

Once again, these logos may seem appropriate for your company, but not only are the details of your business not taken into consideration, you may also find that another company has exactly the same logo as you!

[img]templates-logo.jpg|600|center|true|Logo example|[/img]

Many companies invest time and money in their equipment or property, but voluntarily neglect their visual identity. And yet, this is precisely what attracts clients, it’s what they see first. Under this brand image are also hidden the values and ideas the company embraces.

Logos according to Paul Rand

Think of 3 long-established logos or brands and there’s a good chance that at least one of them was created by Paul Rand, one of the most influential logo designers of modern times. This designer has philosophized greatly about his work: what logos are, what they are not, what they are capable of being.

His philosophy is still reflected in current design mentalities: a good logo must be indicative, easily remembered, practical, appropriate and simple. Your clientele must have you in mind the next time they think of a product or service! The best and most efficient logos are timeless.

No matter their age, they are still pertinent, efficient and tasteful, even 20 years after their design.

[img]paul-rand-logos.jpg|600|center|true|Several logos made by the famous graphic designer Paul Rand|[/img]

A good logo must also be versatile: It must be adaptable to various media and communication tools, be printable no matter the size and scale and, in most cases, be efficient even without colour.

A professional, such as a graphic designer, will know how to create an identity following the rules of art in order to maximize the use, quality and longevity of your logo. The long-term effect will be a huge pay off on your investment.

A logo is simple, so it’s easy to make, right?

Some people wonder what is so complicated in creating a good logo. They are small, they are simple, they are easy to make, so no problem, right? When we look at the final result without realizing the effort designers put into it, logo creation may seem quite simple…however, that is not the case.

To be efficient, a logo must be thought-out from all angles. To finally achieve the best possible idea, we must have a good dose of creativity combined with numerous steps such as briefing, style research, conceptualization, thought process, etc. to name but a few.

Then, we can work on this idea and then rework it and rework it… a great concept requires great execution!

So, does your 14-year-old cousin still seem qualified to design your logo? Check out our examples of difficulties in new logo creation before answering.

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