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Automated car reservation system

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For more than 40 years, Europ Auto has been specializing in car rentals and buy-backs across Europe. The company offers a wide range of services for easy travel abroad, whether for vacation, business trips and short or extended stays.

The website created for the company is easy to manage and highlights the reliability of their services and broadens the scope of their impact. In addition to easy administration, the site allows users to quickly and easily book a car in Europe.

Europ Auto
Europ Auto
Europ Auto
Europ Auto


Nmédia was given the mission to optimize Europ Auto’s business process by enhancing customer service and extending their partnership network.


Thanks to Microsoft technologies, Windows applications and the Altitude Web platform, Nmédia was able to optimize Europ Auto’s organizational process and thus improve services offered to customers.


Technology used

Based on client-guided agile methodology and multichannel, service-oriented architecture (SOA) software, the platform also uses Microsoft’s latest technologies: Microsoft .Net 4.0, Visual Studio 2012, SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 and server virtualization via Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware.

Windows applications

Référentiel, the main application used internally at Europ Auto, is predominately based on Windows Forms while Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is used for various tools. This software allows reservation agents to verify pricing and availability for various vehicles while speaking on the phone with clients or travel agents who wish to make a reservation. This platform also allows for follow-ups with users who have requested quotes or made contact via the Web platform. In addition, it offers the necessary tools to import massive price lists, and export reports, other accounting data and functionalities of customer relationship management (CRM). 

Web applications

In terms of what customers see, it is the Web platform orchestrated around the Altitudemc Internet development platform portal. Its URL logics, the strength of its natural referencing and simple page editing make it an excellent choice to join the growing agent network and optimize organizational processes.

There are also the custom applications proposed to clients, travel agents and wholesalers, the booking or quote device (in rental or buy-back mode), travel agencies app and wholesalers websites.

Concretely, this Web presentation layer is based on ASP.NET and jQuery. To accelerate processing and achieve more fine-tuned interaction with users, the data generation system’s heuristic values were set-up to write dynamic JavaScript server code requiring minimal subsequent exchanges. In addition, powerful cache mechanisms are used to manage high volumes of data and exchanges among online services.

Technical support infrastructure

Access to persistence sources is done with the help of SOA technology (Layer dependencies.pdf, Projects.PDF). All this rely on the robust and versatile Nms.Core business architecture that uses LINQ and dependency injection via Unity to offer modular services through WCF.

This development base also unifies management of exceptions and errors, and defines strategies to observe the evolution of system settings while in progress.


  • Increased customer loyalty and extended partnership base thanks to the site’s reliability and referencing 
  • Simplified document management thanks to an automated e-mail messaging system 
  • Greater variety of services offered thanks to the development of a portal and various online & Windows applications

The Europ Auto website was among the grand finalists in the category « E-commerce – B2B » at the 2011 OCTAS.

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