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Le Courrier

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Le Courrier is St-Hyacinthe’s regional newspaper. They publish current events, sports news, columns, obituaries, classified ads and various other articles. The team has many different files to process and place online and site updates must be performed weekly. In order to facilitate their work, Le Courrier partnered with Nmédia to find quick & simple management solutions.

Le Courrier
Le Courrier
Le Courrier
Le Courrier
Le Courrier


Nmédia needed to respond to the following 2 specifications, namely:

  • Improve file management and simplify the importation process
  • Make Web advertisement more profitable and offer simple management


Automated synchronization system with InDesign and the CPM

In order to simplify file transfer, we implemented a procedure with InDesign: The Courrier team only has to import the file into InDesign and the Web upload is done automatically. Thus, article publication is a one-step process. The newspaper is generated in only a few minutes rather than several hours. Work time is greatly reduced and human management errors thus diminished.

Articles are now imported in the Centralized Product Management (CPM). If a team member wants to make changes to an article, they need only make a correction in the CPM to place it online instantly.

Thus, files are imported with InDesign, then automatically transferred in the CPM where articles are placed online for tablet, mobile and computer with just one click. In addition, there is only one file for the paper version and electronic version of the newspaper.

Establishing an advertising campaign and advertising sales strategy 

The website contains advertisements run by Google DoubleClick, an advertising management platform. Le Courrier can choose to place personalized advertisements as desired, whether on mobile devices or for PC viewing. If there are empty advertisement slots, Google will fill them automatically. Advertisements can have activation and deactivation dates, so once the ad is expired, it is automatically deleted. In this way, there is very little management effort required by the newspaper. 



  • Weekly updates have been reduced to approximately 5 minutes, compared to over 16 hours previously 
  • Decreased number of file handling errors
  • Automatic updates for articles with InDesign and the CPM 
  • Transfer of 150 articles weekly
  • Site containing over 12,800 articles in all
  • Lower annual management and editing costs 
  • Easy management of advertisements
  • Optimized management of newspaper articles
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