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Transport Bourret’s mission is to offer its customers personalized, efficient and innovative logistical transportation services. The company, founded in 1928, is part of the Bourret Group including 2 other divisions: Bourret Warehousing and Bourret International. The company headquarters and main warehouse are located in Drummondville, with another warehouse in Montreal.

Transport Bourret’s « Online Services » application, developed by Nmédia, offers clients simplified and intuitive transportation dispatch management, in addition to allowing client access to current account statements and employee-user management.

Transport Bourret
Transport Bourret
Transport Bourret
Transport Bourret
Transport Bourret
Transport Bourret


Desiring to retain their position as leader in the transportation sector and to offer clients more autonomy on their platform, Transport Bourret decided to call on Nmédia to proceed with a complete overhaul of their online services.

Each section of the existing Web application was revised in order to be updated, but also in the goal of offering an optimal user experience. Sections were also added in order to complete the information offered.


Transport Bourret needed a new solution that would retain the existing functions of their online Web services, while improving the entire system and offering greater client autonomy. It needed to remain compatible with all internal systems to preserve various processes already in place.

Nmédia developed the « Online Services » application to meet this need. Customers still can place orders online, but can now submit quotes quickly as only minimal information is required. Order tracking is also more complete and intuitive with this new version. Account statements are more accessible – in addition to only being available for download in PDF or Excel formats, customers now have direct online access and may choose whether or not to download them. All users are now managed online and can be given different access rights, in the goal of providing increased customer autonomy. Logirack data can now also be accessed, synchronized, centralized and managed online.

The reservation management section is also now available on mobile. Customers can easily follow their orders and even book new ones directly from their mobile device. Transport Bourret employees now use a simpler application with centralized online operations. Administrators now manage employee accounts directly online while customer service employees continue to offer technical support for all users.


Technology used

Following an in-depth analysis, solution development continued while using an agile methodology with maximal client involvement. The application is supported by service-oriented software architecture (SOA) and uses a range of Microsoft technology: Microsoft.Net 4.5, Visual Studio 2012, SQL Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012.

The Web presentation layer was built with a combination of ASP.NET MVC 4, Knockout, jQuery and AJAX technologies. The use of this technology offers asynchronous calls and very rapid response times. To enhance the user experience, Nmédia’s ergonomic and design services were very important for development of the various modules.

The project was developed with a maximum of structures and methods developed by Nmédia over the course of the years. The application developed for Transport Bourret is supported by architecture such as Nms.Core and Nms.Core.Bd that allows the use of basic concepts similar to those found in Entity Framework, but adapted to our processes.

In terms of data access, various sources were called upon. A database specific to the application is used for user management and to store frequently used but rarely modified data (cities, for example). Invoicing is generated by a third-party system (DBS), so this data is retrieved through a different data base also hosted by Transport Bourret. In addition, external services are required for order management (Ceritar Web service), as well as for document access (Procol Web service). A cache system was installed in the application to minimize the impact on performance during calls to heavier external services. Frequently used data is thus stored in the cache system, greatly improving response time.

The application and Web services are hosted by Transport Bourret’s infrastructure and managed by IT employees and an external consultant. They are currently three different environments: production, testing and development. Production and test environments are identical and allow new versions to be verified prior to online publication. The development environment is used only by Nmédia and Ceritar Technologies to test new developments before sending them to the test environment.


  • Increase in number of Web orders
  • Fewer telephone quote requests
  • 5,000 more visits of the « Account Statements » section
  • More than 200 user accounts created
  • 145% increase in quick quotes in just one month
  • Easier to understand client needs
  • Fewer customer service calls compared to the previous model
  • Impressive return on investment (ROI)

Transport Bourret was a finalist in the category “Customized business solutions – SME” for its Web application at the 2015 OCTAS.

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