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Videotron offers cable television, interactive multimedia development, Internet access and landline & mobile telephone services. A leader in its field, the company wanted to offer customers high-performance, state-of-the-art services.

Videotron already had a sales and marketing Web platform but wanted to add another tool for customer service. They called on Nmédia to do the job because of our ability to create powerful infrastructure for a website that must be available at all times.

Vidéotron Services Affaires
Vidéotron Services Affaires
Vidéotron Services Affaires
Vidéotron Services Affaires


The customer service platform had to be accessible internally and externally at all times. The objective was to reduce the number of calls to Videotron's customer service call centre.

3 major challenges

  • Quantity of data to manage.
  • Online customer service must by reliable and always available.
  • Branding must be the same in both websites. Users must not notice the website change.


  • Offering product management via Altitude 3.
  • Creating an infrastructure environment.
  • Using current Videotron's footers & headers and make them fit into the platform.
  • Sharing resources and content through Videotron's various platforms.
  • Working in collaboration with the Videotron team.
  • Syncing multiple platforms.
  • Updating both websites at the same time.
  • Making it possible for Nmédia and Videotron to work on their sides simultaneously.
  • Showing results online before final approbation to facilitate the page approval process.


  • More than 32,500 pages are viewed daily on soutien.videotron.com and 5,500 on support.videotron.com.
  • Infrastructure is 99.9% reliable.
  • Significant reduction in the number of customer service calls.
  • Customer feedback is possible thanks to a system integrated to the platform. This allows for website evolution over time.
  • Customers can now find their own answers to questions thanks to a complete website.
  • Web resources are available 24/7.
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