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Rendez votre entreprise plus performante avec Dynamics 365

Improve your organizational performance with Dynamics 365

January 25, 2017By Nmédia

Microsoft changes its product offering by grouping Dynamics CRM and ERP (NAV and AX) under the name Dynamics 365. What does that mean for you? Let's demystify it!

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 is a scalable cloud solution adaptable to all organizations that use Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV. From now on, managing finances, operations and manufacturing output is included in the Dynamics 365 tool and all applications are now connected with one another.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment

Dynamics 365 can interact with other systems. The image below demonstrates its great compatibility. Combine it with other tools to increase your efficiency, standardize your work methods and centralize your information.



The Sales section offers clients many features:

  • Predictive analytics
  • Automated lead scoring
  • Lead management
  • Opportunity management
  • Shared employee calendars with Exchange
  • Integrated sales processes for client management
  • Sales performance dashboards

[img]customer-service.png|75|left|false||[/img]Customer service

The Customer Service section helps you offer quality services thanks to relevant internal and external databases and centralized client activity. This makes it easier to create a call history and to manage cases, service level agreements (advanced) and customer service reports. A USD (Unified Service Desk) also enables client files to be opened during communication with customer service and standardize the text with a call script.

[img]field-service.png|75|left|false||[/img]Field service

The Field Service section helps organizations simplify calendar and service contract management. Client communication is improved because they have access to their reviews, can see a picture of their technician and receive updates via text messages and phone calls. Since the acquisition of Field One in 2015, businesses can track the availability and location of their on-site service teams. On-site team management is thus simplified.


The Operations section creates seamless transitions among distribution, production, product management, price lists, discounts, cross-sales, warehousing and transportation. Everything is connected to the Microsoft SQL Server's sales forecasting algorithm, which is linked to financial information.


The Financials section includes quote and invoice creation, along with order and payment management. Analyses are also accessible with tools such as Power BI, Cortana Intelligence and Azure Machine Learning.

[img]project-service-automation.png|75|left|false||[/img]Project service automation

The Project Service Automation management section includes project planning based on available resources. This is an efficient tool to manage employees' time and expenses.


The Marketing section offers numerous options with Adobe Marketing, ClickDimensions, Marketo and many other applications connected to Dynamics 365. Marketing automation and lead scoring are also possible, along with personalizing your messages by segmenting contact lists.

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