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Cédric Boivin

Vice President E-business and CRM

Cédric coordinates e-business development & progress as well as CRM implementations. He is a peerless specialist when it comes to linking various systems with one another (CMS, CRM, ERP, etc.) or suggesting new technological solutions to improve communication between an organization and its customers. Known for his straight talk and efficient problem solving skills, he seeks above all to integrate good practices within organizations that need his expertise.

Hometown: Sainte-Foy, Quebec

Favourite quote: "It was my idea!"

Why Nmédia?: Two words: technology and teamwork! This is a company on the cutting edge of technology that allows me to successfully complete high-level projects. I also understand the importance of being surrounded by a dynamic, passionate team to overcome daily challenges.

I am proud of everything that Nmédia has accomplished. The road was long, and sometimes rough, but by looking back on the pitfalls and challenges we have overcome, I am grateful to work for this rapidly growing company.

Tastes & interests: In my free time, I love to read and learn more about technological advancements, but I especially love to experience them! I also consider myself an athlete and enjoy playing hockey, soccer and paintball.

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