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Karine Samson

Web Project Manager

Karine has everything to be an efficient Web project manager. Her training in Web integration, the various positions she held at Nmédia between 2006 and 2013 (integrator, instructor, technical support agent, team supervisor, etc.) and her current studies in Communication and Social Media have equipped her to guide clients towards simple, high-performance solutions.

Hometown: Drummondville

Favourite quote: "Before learning to write, learn first how to think. Expression follows thought, and will be as clear or obscure as the thought was in the first place." – Nicolas Boileau, L'Art poétique (1674)

Why Nmédia?: Nmédia welcomed me as an intern in Web integration in 2006 and I have a "family bond" with this company that could be called an "institution" in the Drummondville region!

It is especially the managers' and employees' expertise and their interest in emerging technologies that drove me to join the company. Plus, it's so great to work in my hometown!

Tastes & interests: I like jogging, which I do mostly while listening to audio books. I'm also learning to play piano and am on the verge of completing a certificate in socio-digital communication at UQAM.

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