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Hockey Projection

Adaptive website and web application

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Hockey Projection

Hockey Projection's website and application helps amateur and professional hockey players progress in their sport by offering tools, tips and advice in 7 specific aspects of the hockey world:

  • Physical preparation
  • Sports nutrition
  • Health and rehabilitation
  • Mental preparation
  • Power skating
  • Skills coaching
  • Educational support

Hockey Projection also offers all hockey contributors plenty of information about the sport, whether in the form of videos, articles or specifically designed programs prepared by Hockey Projection nutritionists and trainers. Teams, parents and trainers all benefit from it.

Hockey Projection
Hockey Projection
Hockey Projection
Hockey Projection
Hockey Projection
Hockey Projection


The Hockey Projection team wanted to offer a tool to provide hockey players support in their athletic discipline. Only the company name had been chosen. Nmédia was entrusted with the project of designing the logo, the branding, a complete website and a web application.

Videos and articles needed to be easy to manage on the website and application, and an online subscriptions option had to be offered.


Nmédia produced a comprehensive marketing and technological strategy to build the company's branding and the tools required in its digital ecosystem. We created Hockey Projection's social media, designed the logo and chose the company colours.

The website includes articles for the players and a list of Hockey Projection's health professionals according to types of services offered.

The application is an entirely personalized tool for players where they can choose their goals within the 7 aspects targeted by Hockey Projection. The player has access to various types of relevant content:

  • Exclusive articles
  • On-ice videos filmed by pros
  • Discounts at various retailers such as grocery stores, restaurants and sports shops
  • Performance history to proficiency testing
  • Announcements of official physical test dates

Technology & tools used

The Hockey Projection website and application are managed 100% by our CMS Altitude 3, a first for Nmédia. We improved Altitude 3 so it would be easier to manage and display a lot of different content.



5 months after the platforms were launched:

  • Nearly 60,000 people have visited the website
  • 727 conversions have occurred (calls, emails, contact page visits, training subscriptions, etc.)
  • More than 1,500 annual web application subscriptions were sold
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