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Humania Insurance

Life insurance quote platform

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Founded in 1938, Humania Insurance develops and offers individual and group insurance products across Canada through independent insurance brokers. Today, more than 200,000 clients benefit from this insurance protection or subsequent annuities.



The Humania team was looking to implement a credit card payment tool for recurring monthly fees that respected PCI-DSS standards and did not store private credit card information. Humania also wanted a simple, ergonomic interface making the tool easy to use for less techno-savvy clients.

The biggest challenge was accomplishing a complex project with a small budget and very tight deadlines. A strict legal and regulatory framework surrounded the development of online sales processes.


Humania Insurance, backed by Nmédia's technical expertise, created a market-ready insurance product destined for people having difficulty purchasing term life insurance, disability insurance or critical illness insurance. The product quote platform designed was entirely computerized and automated, avoiding the need for printed documents.


Technology & tools used

The solution is based on solid, multi-tenant digital architecture distributed across various data centres. Administrators are able to independently manage pages generated in HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript without having to write the code, thanks to the Altitude3 website design.

This website used by both brokers and clients also contains a quote module and a questionnaire for guidance. The quote is finally issued by a rate motor coded in C# in compliance with business regulations.

If a user decides to continue with the purchase, payment can be made directly on the platform thanks to Optimal Payments (API NetBanx) tools that we integrated. The quote module, developed in ASP.Net MVC 4 and .Net 4.5, is based on a SQL Server 2012 data.

The proprietary application Nms.Core framework was put to good use in order to generate large-scale savings. At the end of the questionnaire, an XML file is created and sent to Humania via a secure SOAP WCF web service. This web service is the latest .Net component developed by Nmédia, and the process is continuing with Humania to implement and create client profiles, policies and coverage.

It should be noted that even though Humania does not use the same technologies as Nmédia, information passes from one technology to the next in a transparent manner and without any complications.


  • 10-minute average for transaction completion (including confirmation and payment)
  • Return on investment equalling nearly 500% in the year following implantation
  • Dramatic increase in policy sales in Quebec and outside of Quebec
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