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Website redesign

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Noovelia is a company specialized in process digitalization & automation. Noovelia's expertise helps its clients simplify the management & tracking of their inventory, logistics, production and data. The company grew out of Epsilia, Divel and Pluritag merger. Together, they offer the software, the automaton and the identification systems essential to meet the clients' digitalization needs.

Why redesign its website?

After the 3 main companies merged, a global website needed to be created to establish Noovelia's brand image while keeping intact the actual notoriety of each company thanks to their own page, accessible via the website.

Since Epsilia, Divel and Pluritag's websites were now dated, a complete strategy needed to be developed to:

  • Establish a clear communication strategy
  • Explain the company's services
  • Clearly demonstrate how Noovelia helps clients
  • Create customized logos for Noovelia's software

Work done for the website redesign

Before undertaking the Web development part of the project, we worked on a communication strategy and on the service structure to make sure the audience understood Noovelia's offer. A clear and simple presentation of the company grew out of this work.

The website has been designed with the new company presentation in mind, and considering the needs of decision makers of all sectors: What are their issues? How could Noovelia help them? The website was then divided into sectors of a same company that can be optimized and digitized. Case studies were also added in order to show how Noovelia's solutions can be applied in different industries.

Visually, the 3 company's colours and styles were combined to give rise to a unified and consistent image of their merger. A mix of photos and graphic work represents the services (software, automaton and identification) offered to clients.

Overall, we were able to create a complete, lively, and well-structured Website to support Noovelia's strike force in the emerging sector of industry 4.0.

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