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Packet Tracer

Web application for network management

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Packet Tracer is an application used to collect, consume data in an intelligent manner and measure your computer network activity. Packet Tracer’s settings enable you to define your own parameters in order to collect the information that interests you. Work smarter by letting Packet Tracer gather and consolidate data. The only exertion required is reviewing the collected data!

Packet Tracer
Packet Tracer
Packet Tracer


Create a visual tool that collects network data easily with very little effort required by users.


  • Prompt results:
    - Windows showing statistics consist of quick-access menus with a plethora of filters to quickly filter information
    - One visual to show all statistics
    - Results analysis and summary view
  • Application settings for your needs:
    - Network settings
    - Network speed
    - Data recording frequency
    - Alerts based on user preference
    - Etc.
  • All results listed in one location:
    - Enables statistics to be sent to a specific IP address
    - Facilitates identification of network issues


  • Simple & efficient capture of network traffic
  • Complete customization of user settings
  • Flexible, visual statistics
  • Automatic alerts based on your settings
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