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Peak Performance Dix30

Site de commerce électronique

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Peak Performance Dix/30 is a sports boutique offering athletic wear for men, women and children, located in the Dix/30 shopping district in Brossard. Desiring to launch an e-commerce business, Peak Performance turned to Nmédia to create a simple, efficient way to sell online.

Peak Performance Dix30
Peak Performance Dix30
Peak Performance Dix30
Peak Performance Dix30
Peak Performance Dix30
Peak Performance Dix30


The project entrusted to Nmédia was to create a website allowing simple online sales and requiring very little management.


The company already possessed several templates for their website. With the help of these designs, Nmédia configured the CPM so the boutique personnel would be able to manage clothing by type, gender and collection where previously the management would have been done manually. Next, the CPM was synchronized with the Acomba software that from now on offers to manage promotions, product discounts and shipping.

Online boutique management is simple, even with only a basic understanding of the Internet, thanks to our guidance and clear management system. In addition, the CPM ergonomics, easy browsing and simplicity in adding new products has made the store climb to the top of search engine results in its category. The entire system is hosted on the Altitude platform.



  • All products and related information, including promotions, are fully automated
  • Sales have increased thanks to the online boutique
  • Website visits have risen by 54%
  • Simple management of online boutique
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