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Simplex Equipment Rental

Strategic marketing guidance and content creation

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Simplex Equipment Rental represents 5 generations of professionals specialized in the rental and sale of tools and equipment to businesses and individuals across Quebec. Their vision is to meet all needs in terms of tool and equipment rentals as well as solidify their market share in Quebec.

Nmédia developed a marketing strategy and created informative Web content to promote the tool and equipment rental and sales services offered by Simplex Equipment Rental.



Nmédia's project included improving Simplex visibility in social networks and strengthen its reputation with a clearly defined marketing strategy based on original, optimized content creation for search engine referencing. Current service offer, advertisements and company developments were also promoted with optimized Web presentations or by targeted advertisements.


Our Web strategy was first and foremost to evaluate the tool rental & sales industry in order to create a strategy adapted to targeting both B2C (Business to Customer) and B2B (Business to Business) customers. We then planned advertising campaigns, newsletters, blog articles, contests and social network management on an annual basis. Our editing team prepared optimized & customized content and our designers prepared visual templates to reflect the company's brand.

By interpreting performance statistics drawn from Google Analytics (dynamic events, conversions, external URL parameters) and the use of visitor appreciation surveys, our UX & marketing experts targeted content to add, retract or modify. Thus, the entire Simplex strategy was in constant evolution.


Technology & tools used

Facebook Advertising
LinkedIn Ads
Altitude3 (GPC - newsletter module)

Publicity campaigns were launched on Adwords, Facebook Advertising and LinkedIn Ads to target people on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Among others, these tools allow us to evaluate Web content performance and monitor the number of visits, the duration of the visits and the most-read content. It also allows us to target clients in relation to their interests and their profile.

Remarketing campaigns allowed us to attract visitors who had not completed an action, for example registering for a contest or tool rentals. Finally, for the graphic design, the InVision tool was used because of its user-friendliness and versatility.

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