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5 raisons pour revoir le branding de votre entreprise

5 reasons to review your company branding

March 12, 2018By Antoine Prince

Sooner or later, the moment will come when you must question if your company’s identity is still in line with its needs and ambitions. Various factors influence the duration of a company’s brand image. On average, companies review their corporate identity every 7 to 10 years.

Although completely revamping the logo may give new breath to your company, it is not always necessary to go that far. Rebranding is a complex and costly process that could result in numerous consequences, both good and bad. Here are 5 reasons to review your corporate identity.

1. Dated logo

Whether the font choice has gone out of style or the colours no longer offer the same initial attraction, a logo may become dated over time and age poorly. Though it is possible to do a touch-up to help the logo survive a few more years, there comes a time when a complete revamp is necessary.

To find out if your logo is aging, start by looking at the logos of your competition. If you have the impression that you are lagging behind, remind yourself that your potential clients may have the same reaction. Then again, if you find that your logo is too similar to the others, don’t reject the possibility of a branding revamp in order to stand out from the competition.

2. Redefining the company

Over time, the vision of your company has probably changed. Branding should reflect that change. For example, a start-up originally targeting a young family clientele but having slowly gained notice among business clients should make this evolution visible by choosing a more refined and professional identity.

By defining your target market, it will be possible to determine the performance of the logo that represents you.

3. Poor reputation

A company’s poor reputation can drag it down to the point where survival becomes difficult. Some businesses decide to review not only their brand image, but the entire brand itself.

They may change the company name in the hopes of having a new beginning. It is important to make this decision in an intelligent way, because simply changing the company name is not an answer if the fundamental reasons which led to the company’s losses stay the same.

4. Company distinction

In a market crowded with competition, a branding revamp may be advisable to stand out from the competition or to attract a different client base. The advantage of having an overview of the competition is the ability to easily determine what sets you apart and use that as a differentiating factor.

5. Refreshing your identity

Even if your current branding is still effective, nothing is holding you back from considering how to relaunch the company’s notoriety. As time goes one, a brand’s graphic language becomes diluted and the branding loses its punch.

Without changing the logo, it is possible to review the different communication tools and thus give new breath to an aging brand image. This is a more affordable, yet just as efficient, solution to revamp the ‘’face’’ of your company.

If you are questioning the future of your branding, please contact one of our identity specialists to create an efficient strategy that meets your goals and your needs by evaluating the consequences of your company’s identity.

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