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Tu cherches un emploi comme programmeur-analyste qui sort des sentiers battus?

Are you looking for a job as a think-outside-the-box programmer analyst?

July 4, 2017By Laurence Blanchette

Being a programmer analyst for the CRM section of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform requires creativity, self-challenge and a preference for gray and green walls. It is precision work often requiring one to think outside the box. Since Cédric is looking to recruit new Nmédians to his team, in this article he discusses the land of opportunity that is CRM programming. Watch out, you may feel the urge to send your resumé after reading this!

What are the main tasks of a Dynamics 365 CRM programmer?

Developping many different products within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, creating custom solutions, connecting various platforms together, participating in brainstorming sessions, etc. A programmer analyst clued-in on CRM has frequent opportunities to stretch their limits and to get off the beaten track to understand various business needs and set up a product that will reach beyond the platform Microsoft offers. Being creative within the limitations of the toolbox is a must.

What are the key aspects that set a CRM programmer apart from other programmers?

A programmer well equipped to work with the CRM section of Dynamics 365 knows the languages used behind the platform: XRM, JavaScript, FETCH XML, Query expression, etc. He also knows the web and is able to configure and program the Dynamics CRM platform. In short, we're talking about a programmer who knows every tool in their toolbox and understands how to use them.

What are the benefits of working almost exclusively on CRM programming?

We are not necessarily looking for programmers dedicated only to Dynamics 365 CRM. We are rather looking for programmer analysts who will be able to understand the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite in-depth, and who can model and explain it.

Which are the qualities that a future Nmédian programmer must have?

A taste for challenges, a desire to surprise yourself every day, be a professional, a thirst for learning, a sense of creativity and have the fun factor at full blast!

What do you like most in your daily work?

Drinking my morning coffee. Seriously, what I like most is when a client explains his project to me and afterwards I need to find the tailored solution that will meet all their needs. I love coming up with solutions that exceed their expectations, solutions based on powerful tools that are staples in our industry.

What are the biggest challenges associated with this job?

Fully understanding the client's objectives and being able to see farther in the project without getting lost. Just like the famous Henry Ford quote: ''If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.'' He revolutionized expectations when he invented the automobile. He managed to go farther while never forgetting his main objective, which was to create a faster means of transportation.

When did Nmédia decide to establish itself as a CRM expert? How do you see the company's evolution in this sector?

About 2 years ago, Nmédia decided to become a specialist in CRM software. It seemed right to align ourselves with Dynamics 365 since ultimately it is web-based software and that's what we do at Nmédia, along with all the other fields of expertise: UX, customized development, marketing, client acquisition and retention.

It was a logical flow to unify everything that we do and set it all up within a single system. We are already positioning ourselves as a CRM leader by anchoring various systems and by integrating Microsoft Dynamics at the heart of the solutions we develop to reach our clients' objectives.

With which other professionals does a programmer analyst most often collaborate?

It depends on the project, but in the end, a programmer will work with all our other departments: UX, digital performance, integration and project management.

How can you show your creativity on a daily basis when working almost exclusively on the CRM platform?

It is wrong to think that creativity is dampened when working in CRM programming. In fact, the opposite is true, we must often be even more creative with a limited toolbox rather than having to reinvent the wheel every time.

Here's an analogy with LEGO blocks. When you need to create something using only LEGO blocks, you must show a great deal of creativity to wow your clients, because they have also worked with these blocks and they know what we can normally do with them. However, if we manage to create something never before seen with such limitations, then clients will really be impressed. That is the kind of reaction we want to generate with CRM programming: surprise the client and surprise ourselves!

This job interests you?

Whether your are an expert or on the brink of becoming one, if you feel like you have the profile we are looking for at Nmédia, apply online!