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Umbraco 8 certification, Marc-André Morin from Nmédia

Umbraco 8 certification: the 1st professional in Canada is a Nmedian!

November 11, 2019By Kassandre Bastarache

Are you familiar with Altitude? The CMS we developed during the last few years has proved itself with hundreds of clients. However, eager to provide an open-source solution and to diversify our offer, we now also use a CMS-industry giant: Umbraco.

On August 20, 2019, Marc-André Morin, proud Nmedian for 10 years, got his Umbraco 8 certification. Amazing? Yes, because Marc-André is the first Umbraco 8 certified professional in Canada, making him a strong ally for the development and the management of your web content.

Office work, CMS Umbraco 8 certification

Umbraco: a CMS with a growing popularity

A CMS... what for?

Just as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla!, Umbraco is a content management system (CMS) dedicated to the conception of your websites and applications, as well as their self-updating process.

Furthermore, using a CMS has undeniable advantages. It allows you to:

  • Access your content without speaking a programmer's language
  • Set up your websites and applications in no time
  • Ensure the dynamic update of your content
  • Get support (if needed) from a vast community
  • Not worry about security matters

If some CMS are indeed criticized for their lack of flexibility or security, it is not the case of Umbraco... quite the contrary!

Umbraco's advantage

Since its establishment in 2004, Umbraco is experiencing a growing popularity. Even now, people's enthusiasm for the CMS shows no sign of waning: more than 500,000 websites are part of the Umbraco community as of today, making it one of the most popular CMS!

And we understand why. Everything on Umbraco has been designed to optimize user experience. From its search engine to its multilingual management, Umbraco keep generating some "wow!" and "finally!" among its new users.

In addition to the language management (which allows you, among other things, to access your content in 2 different languages at a glance), Umbraco 8 promises a system:

  • Easy to use
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Considering new technologies
  • Ultra-performing
  • Open source
  • With an unlimited storage capacity

And, most importantly, a system that provides a highly secured experience!

Team work, Umbraco CMS content management

Why choose Umbraco over another CMS?

We asked Marc-André to compare Umbraco with another large calibre software, WordPress. The advantage, claims the Nmedian, goes to the first one.

Impossible to "crash" your content

"What makes Umbraco interesting is that we set all the permissions", says Marc-André. In other words, you can manipulate your content without provoking an irrevocable negative effect on the whole website.

Yet, that's something that could happen with WordPress. Marc-André gives the example of a client who, after a wrong operation, erased a complete page of content... in an irrevocable way! With Umbraco, you can say goodbye to this kind of incident.

Supervised plug-ins

On Umbraco, the plug-ins are supervised by a small number of programmers, which allows an efficient and optimized content change tracking.

Moreover, the plug-ins we can add are 100% independent from content. It is thus possible to update them without modifying the whole website environment.

More flexible and customizable

A feature is missing? Let us create it for you. Umbraco's great flexibility allows us to develop a ton of features that will be useful for your web content management. In other words: Umbraco can meet ALL your needs thanks to plug-ins fast and easy to develop. The possibilities are practically infinite!

Why work with an Umbraco 8 certified professional?

Umbraco is an easy-to-use management system, but "easy to use" doesn't mean "optimal use". Working with an Umbraco certified professional ensures that:

  • Your website will be managed according to the highest standards
  • Your content will be optimized
  • You'll have all the functions that meet your needs and those of your company

Since Umbraco 8 includes an array of new features that optimize your website's performances, it's a good thing to work with someone with an Umbraco 8 certification that knows the system like the back of his hand.

Umbraco 8 is fast, performing, versatile and safe. In short, it has everything it takes to handle your next project!