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Qu’est-ce que le design d'expérience utilisateur?

What is UX Design?

March 12, 2018By Louis-David Noël

Even now, many people are surprised when I explain my role at Nmédia. Unfortunately, the user design experience is still generally little known, even among some web professionals. Admittedly, it can be difficult to wade through the various terms: ergonomics, usability, user experience and accessibility. That is why I am offering an overview of the career of UX designer.

User-centered design

The most important concept to understand is that users must be at the heart of the decision-making process. Though this may seem obvious, often within the framework of a digital project the work team concentrates more on client demands or technical limitations. What is important to understand, is that a website or application that is not perceived as useful and usable by users will simply not be used.

Usefulness and usability: the foundation of interface ergonomics

It is indeed usefulness and usability that shape the foundation of interface ergonomics. According to the article C'est quoi l'ergonomie informatique? (French only) from Ergolab, digital ergonomics aims to modify tools so they are more adapted to their users. It is therefore important to have a thorough understanding of the target users, their needs and their specific characteristics (profession, age, gender, computer skill level, the context of application use, etc.).

Usability represents "the measures by which a product can be used by specified users to accomplish specific goals with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in a specific context of use." (ISO 9241-11 (1998) standard).

There are 5 major usability criteria:

  1. Learnability: The ease in which users can accomplish a simple task the first time they encounter the interface;
  2. Efficiency: The speed in which users can accomplish a task once they have learned to use the interface;
  3. Memorability: The degree of ease in which users can accomplish a new task when returning to the interface after a long period of time;
  4. Errors: The number of mistakes made by users, the severity of these errors and the ease in correcting them;
  5. Satisfaction: The degree of contentedness felt during interface use.

In summary, suffice it to say that ergonomics focuses on the ease of use of a web application or software program for a specific group of users.

When ease of use is not enough

These days, ease of use, though crucial, is not enough to guarantee the success of a product or e-business. Other factors are necessary to improve the adhesion rating of a product or company. This is where user-centered design comes into play.

UX Design combines notions of ergonomics and usability while adding desirability and credibility perceived by target users. UX experts measure the perceived value of an application and ensure that users accomplish their tasks with satisfaction.

[img]graphique-ux.jpg|500|center|true|UX Graphic|[/img]

The UX designer considers multiple aspects of projects. In an iterative process including strategy, analysis of needs, specifications, design and evaluation, the designer takes into consideration:

  • client requirements
  • user definitions
  • application goals
  • technical constraints
  • interface design
  • navigational needs
  • information architecture

It goes without saying that the UX designer works in collaboration with various other professionals (marketing, editing, programming and design) and is involved in the project from beginning to end, and even beyond!

The user at the heart of your design

Throughout a digital project, the team receives various client requests, hits technical road bumps or clashes on delivery or budgetary delays. Often, the user is forgotten. If users do not perceive the usefulness of your product, if they are unable to use it easily or if they do not reap satisfaction or pleasure, the project has little chance of success. That is why the UX designer must keep the user at the heart of design decisions.

After all, and I repeat, it’s the users who will decide if you succeed!

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