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Laurent Maneville

Programmer Analyst

Laurent likes to learn and discover new things. His versatility, analytical spirit, know-how and experience enable him to achieve any type of project, especially if he can learn from the experience.

Naturally discreet and solitary, Laurent is also open to other people and particularly enjoys teamwork.

He is always ready to support his co-workers and is open to advice, because he believes it is an opportunity to improve.

Hometown: Montélimar (France)

Favourite quote: « Take life as a game, and always take games seriously. However, never forget that the most important thing is to have fun.

Why Nmédia: Ambitious projects, challenges and fun.

Tastes & interests: I like travelling to discover new environments and new streets, but, above all, other ways of living. I also like gathering around the table for a great meal or, even better, for a board game.

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