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Pascal Daigle

Programmer Analyst

Proud recipient of the 2012 Daily & Contagious Cheerfulness at Work award, Pascal is skilled in many domains, but specifically in importation. His nickname is "the importation god". Always available for his team mates, Pascal enjoys helping others so projects can advance quickly and efficiently.

Hometown: Longueuil, Quebec

Favourite quote: "To every problem there exists a solution. To every solution a new problem may arise." - Daniel Desbiens

Why Nmédia?: I chose Nmédia because it is a dynamic company in full expansion that places emphasis on employees’ continuous improvement. The opportunity for new training weighed heavily in their favor. It is thanks to this kind of training that companies such as Nmédia can keep abreast of new technologies that we can use in various developments. Another attractive advantage of this company is the help offered among employees: if one of us has a problem that we just can’t solve, there is always someone in-house qualified to help us!

Tastes & interests: My greatest passion lies in martial arts that I have been involved with since my teen years. I intend to continue throughout my life. Martial arts offer me spiritual balance in my everyday life. Another characteristic that defines me is my love of learning. Thanks to Nmédia, I have been learning every day since I joined the programming team. Whether C# or SQL, there is something new every day!

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