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Laura Portelance Jouvert

IT Project Manager

Laura's organizational skills are matched only by her perpetual good mood and social skills. She is an excellent communicator with many interests that allow her to fit in well with many groups.

Initially a geography student, then a geomatics student, it was the combination of human sciences and computer science that attracted her to this field. It's while organizing and unravelling the processes of several teams that project management finally took hold.

Whether she works in Canada, the United States or Madagascar (yes, she has really been there), her main missions are efficiency, simplicity and resilience.

To end on a high note, managing your projects is good, but managing those of others is even better!

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Favourite quote: “Better to light a candle than curse the darkness” – Lao Tseu

Why Nmédia: For their investment in human resources, for their level of expertise and because I love project management.

Tastes & interests: Hiking with my dog, good (and bad) movies and singing.

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