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Business intelligence and data integration & centralization

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Data integration & centralization and database recovery

Your data is scattered, inconsistent or too diversified for cross analysis? We can help you gather it in a single place to make it understandable and interactive. For example, you could cross your sales, worked hours, accounting and even prospects data to quickly have a complete overview of your business.

If you already own one or more databases but you consider them unusable for your needs, come talk to our experts. They know how to recover databases in order to integrate them into your business intelligence.

Where should I start?

Nmédia will support you in report creation based on your business objectives and on the people who will need access to them. How will you use your data? How will you consult it? Which information should you cross-analyze? Our experts will guide you.

Power BI: an easy-to-use business intelligence and data integration & centralization tool

Power BI is a tool that can not only create reports, but also centralize your data from a wide range of sources. If you are using a source not found on the official Power BI list, our specialists can surely convert it.

In addition to ploughing through your data more easily, Power BI will help you:

Have data that is always up-to-date

Power BI automatically updates the data it presents. With applications available for all platforms, you can view your up-to-date data anytime, anywhere.

Share data quickly

Once your reports are built, Power BI is easy to view by everyone, whether you're a salesperson or a manager. You can easily share the required data when needed.

Power BI also lets you filter your reports on demand. Here is an example of a Power BI report (French only).

Access your data securely

Power BI offers the possibility to limit access to your data, depending on your needs. For example, a salesperson could view their own sales data without having access to the data of other salespeople. Such control allows you to be sure that confidential data is not shared with everyone.

Greater autonomy with your data

Thanks to the advantages offered by Power BI and our database specialists, you will be able to better analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your business and make decisions for your business strategy accordingly.

Nmédia can help you develop Power BI

Our expertise is centered on database management as well as Power BI report configuration. Our specialists will help you manage your dynamic reports on your own and save a lot time in data management. The employees who study your data will become more efficient in their analysis and will be able to make better decisions regarding the future of your business.