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Mélanie Chouinard

Mélanie Chouinard

Vice-President Human Capital & Customer Service

Mélanie is a natural-born leader: She has always been part of multiple commitees and at the age of 18, she was already managing work teams while still at school. Very generous, she has been committed towards Leucan for many years now. Her altruism, leadership and discipline make her a precious vice-president, devoted to the well-being of the employees. She coordinates and supports the management team to make sure every Nmédian is treated equally and every client is heard, understood and advised in a unique and personalized manner.

Her job is to make sure every employee and client is happy. And she succeeds!

Hometown: Mont St-Hilaire, Quebec

Favourite quote: "Happiness is a journey, not a destination…"

Why Nmédia?: For a company culture based on collaboration, fun, passion, innovation, a proactive approach and the sense of responsibility.

Tastes & interests: Tennis, hiking, windsurfing, skiing, diving, cooking and reading.

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