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Samuel Rochefort

Front‑End Developer

Samuel describes himself as a real sponge! He likes to help others and share his ideas. He tends to show others what he learned in order to boost their progress, and he hates when he reaches a plateau. His philosophy: one person moves fast, but a group will always go further.

Hometown: Drummondville, Québec
Favourite quote: "Always find balance in what you do, and you will be happy and have no regrets."
Why Nmédia: We always think that the grass is greener elsewhere, but when we stop to notice how lucky we are to work at Nmédia, we realize that the grass is green all year long! Nmédia is a beautiful family who helps us grow.
Tastes & interests: I love new projects! I'm never bored very long, I'm always trying a lot of things. Between work, workouts and coaching (I'm a certified fitness instructor for group classes), I always make time for a good online "game" with my buddies.

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