Personalized Integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software

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With hundreds of employees and dozens of services to manage, it's hard if not impossible to retrace all your sales prospects, sales evolution and always stay up-to-date on customer communications.

Dynamics CRM allows you to centralize client & prospective client information in the goal of optimizing your sales and customer relations processes. By automating and optimizing communications with your clients and business team members, you will ensure a better client experience and personalized sales processes.

Tangibly, your representatives can know if their clients have contacted customer service and the operations director can plan production because he knows how many prospects have completed a contract.

Your business becomes more efficient on a daily basis.

Dynamics CRM, a platform adapted to your reality

Integrating CRM into your business allows you to:

  • better understand your clients and prospective clients to reach an agreement more efficiently.
  • follow-up on customers with their purchases via advertising or direct contact.
  • offer better customer service thanks to available communication history and centralized data.
  • share the information you want with whomever you want thanks to secure accesses.
  • automate business processes to increase the overall efficiency of your business.

Data entry interfaces can truly be configured to your needs in order to facilitate tasks and centralize information.

See what we can optimize for you

Optimize and automate your processes: customer relations, marketing, sales & operations

With Dynamics CRM, the possibilities are truly infinite. All sectors of your business will benefit.

Customer relations
Marketing process automation
Prospective client & sales process management
Centralize orders & operations
Customer relations management
Marketing process automation
Prospective client & sales process management
Centralize orders & operations

Your technology linked with Dynamics CRM

Are you already equipped with your own financial, logistics and ERP systems? We can link them with Dynamics CRM and thus centralize all your information. Nothing could be more practical for sharing data, communicating and collaborating with colleagues, subsidiaries and partners.

All of the following Office 365 tools are compatible with the platform:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Outlook
  • Calendar
  • Yammer
  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint
  • Planner
  • Delve
  • Video
  • Excel
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • OneNote
  • Sway
  • Exchange
  • Power Bi

Most importantly, the tool is very secure: you can manage participant access based on their roles. It is up to you to decide which software portions are available and to whom.

Why implement a CRM with Nmédia?

Installing a CRM in your business is an important decision, a major investment. Your business goals must be at the centre of your strategic implementation. Your choice of partners is crucial because they will consider your vision and the potential hazards your company faces to build a tool that is perfectly adapted.

Here lies Nmédia's strength: We know which tools to implement with your CRM in order to meet all your team's needs. We will customize development, carefully evaluate your processes, plan how to best engage your clients and create a tasteful design that is sure to win-over prospective clients. We not only integrate existing tools, but also personalize data entry interfaces to match your business.

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