Our approach: analyze your business needs, define your risks and guide you to the right design solution

Is your idea for a digital transformation project for your company poorly defined? Do you need to figure out where to start? In this case, complete strategic planning by our team of experts is the first step. A well-analyzed and planned project will ensure a successful digital product and a better-invested budget.

To create the best digital product for your business, we help you understand your context and analyze your data. Our team identifies the risks and issues you may face and then suggests the right solution for your design. To do this, you work with us. You are involved in the entire design thinking process by participating in our collaborative workshops.

We guide you to an impactful digital solution

As an entrepreneur and visionary, you may already know what you want to accomplish as a mandate:

  • Launch a startup;
  • Invent a new product;
  • Offer a new service;
  • Develop a new process to optimize your business;
  • Or, on the contrary, you may need to learn how to undertake your digital business strategy.

As your allies, our teams of business analysts and strategists, UX strategists, architects and project managers are called upon to identify your issues. They then propose an innovative digital transformation strategy to impact your business growth significantly. All this, using collaborative work methods in the form of workshops.

Every design risk of your digital project is considered

Among other things, we identify the usage scenarios, types of tasks or user experience paths. Thanks to these, we recognize the work and production hypotheses, your technological, business, financial or human risks, and legal, commercial and procedural issues. Finally, we define the implementation phases of the resulting project.

Our objectives are to:

  • Conceive the vision and the development of epics;
  • Realize the preliminary prototypes (wireframes and functional prototypes);
  • Document your project's MVP and phases by identifying production assumptions and producing functional proofs of concept to reduce your business or technological risks.

Our project delivery cycle includes the inception, prototype, and validation phases. These will be used to evaluate and prepare for the start of your custom development or CRM and preliminary backlogs.

The next steps of your digital product design

Following this step of the digital design and analysis service, you'll have a defined web design plan, a feasibility study and an overview of the budget required to complete it. All of this will allow you to make an informed decision regarding the continuation of your project.

Once the solution is accepted, we will direct you to the appropriate department(s) to design your digital product:

Got a project in mind?

Do you want to start the preliminary analysis of your digital project? We have all the expertise under one roof to support your business initiatives and start your project well.

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