Our approach: making your digital ecosystem more efficient through digitized operations

Do you want to be more efficient daily in your digital ecosystem and ensure that your customers and employees have a better experience thanks to digitized operations? The power of Power Platform gives you all that.

Our team of experts can help you implement Power Platform in your organization. Our experience in software development, UX and digital marketing ensures that the solution we design for you will be tailored to your company's specific needs.

What is Power Platform?

With its focus on productivity, Power Platform is more than just a customer relationship management solution. It's a low-code/no-code platform that lets you create customized business applications for your organization (sales, finances, accounting, customer service and more).

It includes all Microsoft business applications: Power Apps (for creating customized business applications), Power Automate (for automating business processes) and Power BI (for data visualization and interactive reporting).

It also includes Microsoft Dataverse, a shared Power Platform and Dynamics 365 data source that simplifies data processing by enabling business and analytical applications to communicate in a common language. The Dataverse metadata system allows data to be shared and used across multiple applications and business processes.

Moreover, various connectors are available for Microsoft services or external technologies to speed up automation with Power Platform. These connectors are designed to help you connect your tools and thus offer an ecosystem tailored to your business.

The benefits of Power Platform

Power Platform offers many benefits that can help you improve operations, increase efficiency and boost results.

  • Simplicity and low-code/no-code development make it easy to modify and maintain existing applications;
  • Automation of recurring processes thanks to Power Automate, which can facilitate your team's work, help save time and reduce the number of errors;
  • Enhanced data visualization with Power BI, enabling you to create interactive data visualizations and reports;
  • Highly cost-effective, with the ability to create customized business applications at a fraction of the cost;
  • Power Platform's flexibility can be adapted to the needs of small, medium and large companies in all sectors.

Dynamics 365 with Power Platform: a winning duo

Dynamics 365 is a suite of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM implementation) software offering functionalities such as sales, marketing, customer service and operations. As previously mentioned, Power Platform is a low-code platform that provides companies with a means of creating customized business applications, automating business processes and creating data visualizations.

 When combined, this creates customized business applications for your company. These integrate seamlessly with your existing Dynamics 365 data and functionality and take advantage of the conveniences of both platforms, as well as being able to create business applications tailored to your needs.

Making the best choice of business solution for your company

Assessing your needs is the first step when we begin your mandate, which, depending on the project size, may have to include a separate digital design and analysis service. Business analysts, software architects, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform specialists will then conduct workshops with you to thoroughly understand your current processes so that they can be digitally transposed into the right Microsoft solutions.

Improve your operations, whatever the size of your business

Power Platform can be used by NPOs, and small, medium, and large enterprises to streamline operations and gain a competitive edge. For example, a small retail store can create a customized inventory management application using Power Apps, automatically alert when low stock levels have been detected using Power Automate, and generate interactive reports on sales and stock levels using Power BI.

Similarly, a medium-sized construction company can create a customized project management application to track progress and manage resources and revenues.

While a large financial services company can use Power Platform to create a customized compliance application to track regulatory compliance and generate reports.

Power Platform adapts to an organization's needs, helping it to achieve its objectives efficiently.

Nmédia, a long-standing partner of Microsoft

We were among the first in the world to become Microsoft .NET certified! This means we've had access to the latest platform technologies for many years. But what does this mean in concrete terms? You're doing business with an agency, specifically specialists, who are at the forefront of new technological trends, giving you an edge over the competition.

Welcome additions to your business solutions

When you choose Nmédia, to integrate your business solutions, you gain access to the following:

  • Extensive expertise: our certified Dynamics 365 and Power Platform specialists have many years of experience and mastery of Microsoft tools. Their expertise ensures that we can implement solutions tailored to your company's needs;
  • A wealth of experience: we are experienced in implementing Dynamics 365 and Power Platform for a wide range of industries and businesses;
  • Customization: we provide customized solutions to meet your core business needs. This ensures that the solutions we create for you are optimized for your operations and processes;
  • Tailored integration: we seamlessly integrate Dynamics 365 with Power Platform, enabling you to leverage Dynamics 365 data and functionality in Power Platform applications;
  • Ongoing support: we offer you ongoing support. This means you can continue to enjoy the benefits of the platform even after the implementation is complete;
  • Continuous improvement: as always, our mission is to help you succeed. With this in mind, we've deepened our knowledge and understanding of Power Platform. We always look for ways to improve your operations and increase efficiency and results!

What we do

  • Dynamics 365 CRM integration and deployment strategy
  • Data normalization and storage
  • PowerBI data design and visualization
  • Implementation of PowerApps and Power Automate automation tools
  • Integration of marketing automation solutions
  • Manage Dynamics 365 and Power Platform licenses

Got a project in mind?

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