For more than 25 years, we have been innovating and providing customized electronic solutions using a complete range of services, more than 15 expertise and high-performance, optimal technological tools. What's at the heart of our motivation? To meet your business objectives by adapting to your existing and future business processes, whether to develop a complete solution or to integrate us into ongoing development.


We want to be your ally and realize all your needs, both in digital marketing and technological development. We take charge of all your projects by considering your entire digital ecosystem: marketing, CRM implementation, website creation, or application development. Your project will be taken into good hands from the beginning… and even after the end!

Our values



For us, collaboration is related to innovation. Because behind every innovative project, there are significant collaborative efforts. To create innovative digital products, we collaborate and build lasting alliances with you to better anticipate your needs. Tell us who you are, and we'll help you go further.



For us, fun is non-negotiable. It's essential for job satisfaction. For each Nmédian, it's associated with their passion, which leads to creativity and self-improvement. By integrating the notion of fun into our business, we also energize our relationships with our clients.



A key value that applies to all our activities, rigour is the responsibility of all Nmédians and is also based on their outstanding skills. It drives us forward and keeps us committed to our objectives. We act with constant concern to offer you high-quality projects!



Our company is composed of passionate people motivated to help eager organizations like yours. Asking ourselves, "What can we do for you?" is one of our fundamental questions. Asking us, "What do we want to achieve with you as our goal?" is a primary one!



For all the missions given to us, we demonstrate rigour and thoroughness in each of our actions. For the success of your project, we make decisive and fair decisions, and we confidently assume them.

Our commitments

At Nmédia, our commitments are at the heart of our business principles. We adopt daily actions to produce a positive impact on the community, on our team and on anyone who crosses our path. Discover 3 pillars of commitment that are close to our hearts.

Certified to guide you

We are committed to being a leader as a digital agency, which is why we have several certifications to our credit.

Members of the management team

The combination of collaboration, passion, pleasure, responsibility and rigour to take your projects to the next level: they are the ones who give us that inner fire.

Louis-Philippe Baril

Louis-Philippe Baril


Patrick Bélanger

Patrick Bélanger

Vice President Development, Technology and Innovation

Louis-David Noël

Louis-David Noël

Vice President Business Strategy and Customer Success

Mélanie Chouinard

Mélanie Chouinard

Vice President Human Capital and Customer Service

Marc-Olivier Noël

Marc-Olivier Noël

Director of Web Operations

Éric Sylvestre

Éric Sylvestre

Director of Application Development

Stéphane Lépine

Stéphane Lépine

Director of System, Network and ALM

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