Our approach: we design, develop and enhance your mobile applications with cross-platform technologies

Do you need a mobile application for your customers and employees? Do you want to design, develop or implement a continuous improvement strategy for your native mobile applications?

Our multidisciplinary mobile experience team advocates cross-platform application development technologies. You can free two birds with one key by maximizing joint development between iOS and Android applications. This development technique avoids making two separate apps in parallel, reducing your costs, time and risk of errors.

What is the purpose of the mobile experience?

The mobile experience allows your users to have a complete experience by taking advantage of the benefits of native, such as biometrics, to authenticate themselves. The contexts of use are infinite and consolidate your digital footprint. This is an undeniable competitive advantage over your competitors!

Rely on a successful analysis and preparation to launch your mobile development

The world of mobile experiences is fascinating for users. Still, it remains a complex adventure that requires you to know the solution you have chosen to meet your initial objective. Therefore, the analysis and preparation stages are essential to the success of your mobile application creation and development project. Through the analysis and digital design service, our consultants will discuss your specific needs with you to confirm that a mobile application is the right vehicle to achieve your business objectives.

A collaborative design

Once the decision to launch is confirmed, the project will take off. Our design teams will guide you in preparing the requirements and approving the application's visual elements and user experience. On your side, you'll be called upon to contribute through the prioritization of features and by providing content and approvals.

Your technical teams may also be called upon to expose, via APIs, the information required for your internal systems and the mobile app to communicate. We'll always be by your side during the design and maintenance of your mobile application, available in the Play Store and App Store, to save time and avoid reworking elements already developed to keep your project on track.

The benefits of choosing Nmédia as an ally for your mobile experience

  • Major clients whose reputation is well-established trust us. Many of them, for years;
  • We foster an extraordinary collaboration between our Nmédia expertise under one roof, which allows us to create high-quality applications and market them in a way that works;
  • We maximize standard code between iOS and Android apps at the same time through the cross-platform Xamarin Forms (MAUI) approach, supported by Microsoft. So you don't have to deal with two separate places and applications in parallel. A turnkey service: more economy, speed and precision for you;
  • We also remain open to other technologies that can realize React Native and Flutter if the need arises for your company.

What we do

  • User experience design
  • MAUI and Xamarin development
  • React Native and Flutter development

Got a project in mind?

Do you want to start a mobile experience project? We have all the expertise under one roof to support your business initiatives!

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