September 28, 2023
September 28, 2023

The 1047, rich in history and redesigned

Nmédia will soon be celebrating its 25th anniversary. Twenty-five years of development, creation, beautiful encounters, mandates and exciting achievements alongside loyal customers and partners. Twenty-five years of significant changes, relocation, and growth of something that in 2020 turned everything upside down, forcing us to adapt to navigate through a pandemic that forever changed the world of work. Today, 125 Nmédians are present throughout Quebec, Canada, and the world. In telecommuting mode since March 2020, management has quickly adapted its communication methods to facilitate this transition. Nmédians are equipped from head to toe to work well. An ergonomic service is offered to ensure they are comfortable and have the technological tools to see each other, talk to one another and continue to build the company together. Nmédia has emerged from the crisis stronger than before.


Telecommuting is good, but 1047 Mercure Boulevard has always held a special place in the hearts of the Nmédians. In 2020, Louis-Philippe Baril, CEO, created Projet1047 to make the web accessible to everyone. Find out more about this branch of Nmédia here. Unfortunately, the offices on Mercure Boulevard, nicknamed “Le 1047”, had taken a rough up during the pandemic and could no longer keep up with today’s work pace of life. So, to meet the needs of Nmédians from Drummondville, across Quebec and beyond, surveys were conducted among them to understand what they wanted to have at the 1047. Designers and workplace experts were hired, and from there began the whole process of thinking about the 1047 of tomorrow!

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Nmédia a place where innovation takes center stage

On a warm evening in September 2023, we officially inaugurated the new Drummondville office after several months of hard work. The revamped office spaces are intended to be a living and development environment conducive to exchanges, collaboration and pleasure. The 1047 differs from what it used to be: Nmédians come and go as they please, according to their needs and schedule. Some spend the day here, others drop in and return to their home office for telecommuting. From a few days a month to a few weeks or full-time, Nmédians come in search of that little something they’ve been missing since the pandemic: human contact and collaboration with other team members. Because we wanted a 1047 that was inclusive and respectful of everyone’s needs, the new spaces are impregnated with calm and are a peaceful place to work. This was achieved through meticulous attention to detail and thorough work.

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Collaboration, the cornerstone of our work

Great projects need collaboration and powerful results by combining our strengths. Open-plan spaces have been created to enable collaborative working. Trendy hutches and acoustics were designed to facilitate meetings without disturbing people who need to concentrate more.

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Hybrid work from here, there and around the world

Hybrid meeting rooms are available and allow everyone to get together and work collaboratively more effectively. No borders at Nmédia! Whether Nmédians are telecommuting from their homes in Rivière-du-Loup, Ottawa, Calgary, Sherbrooke or Bogota, or whether they’re traveling or on a “workation” in Portugal, skiing in the Rockies or by the sea, they can all get together for the same work session.

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Home-like comfort

Sofas are scattered strategically for rest or relaxed work, more informal meetings or just when you need a change of position. Regarding ergonomics, adjustable tables have been designed to enable Nmédians to work in comfortable, healthy positions.


Absolute silence, or almost

Because periods of silence or concentration are just as important to the brain’s proper functioning, enclosed, soundproof spaces are available for anyone needing a little peace and quiet. These spaces are also designed perfectly for long-distance meetings.

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Thoughtful colours and materials

Inspiring calm and softness, materials very close to nature were chosen by the designers to offer a pleasant place to visit. Shades of beige, green, wood and linen were all considered to create a unique, contemporary space that reflects Nmédia’s vision of today.


Biophilia, the secret weapon of well-being

A walk outside, a swim in a lake, a sunset or sunrise, even the rain falling—nature has always been good for people. Biophilia represents this well-being and “love of nature.” For interior designers, biophilia is reflected in the presence of nature in the spaces they create. At Nmédia, plant walls have been imagined to bring mental and emotional calm and physical well-being. Among other benefits, biophilia enhances concentration, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.

_FCP6636 1.png

Always some fun

Fun has always been one of our core values, and the 1047 office has always been a focal point for that, and that won’t change. Meet-ups, happy hours, arcades, slushes, cappuccino, espresso, latte and sparkling water machines, breakfast and snack facilities are designed to make this a festive place, prone to laughter and sharing memorable moments.

Thumbnail-Nouveaux bureau - Cafétéria.png

New modern spaces for today's Nmédia

From peaceful and calm to playful and collaborative, Nmédia’s offices now reflect the company’s strength. From the solidity of our experts to the fluidity of our work to the blending of our strengths with yours, our 1047 office now truly represents who we are. Best of all, our spaces are wide open to our customers and ready to welcome future Nmédians. Would you like to work in this beautiful environment? Check out our career openings today!

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