Web content writing, revision and translation

Let's talk about your project

To effectively describe your products & services on your website, your web content must be interesting for your readers and easily found on search engines. Web writing meets very specific criteria! Our web editors work with you to pinpoint your business philosophy and make it shine on the pages of your website.

Optimization of your current web content

Whether you need to redesign your website or improve current content, we can:

  • Keep, improve & edit your content
  • Re-write some content to make it more relevant and adapted to your organization
  • Add key word groups that your potential customers use to find you online
  • Write detailed meta titles & meta descriptions
  • Suggest additional content for your readers

Creation of web content

To make your website stand out and make it easier to find online, our editors:

  • Analyze your competitors' websites
  • Interview you to properly describe your products, services & expertise
  • Use a tone that fits your customers' profile and your business personality
  • Create clear & original hot buttons (also called "calls to action")
  • Write your blog articles following an established publication calendar

Website translation – French & English

A bilingual website increases your visibility and reaches a larger audience. Our team translates from French to Canadian & American English and vice-versa. Following the same rules as for writing, our translators choose expressions and keyword groups sought by your target audience.

Final revision of all texts

All written and translated texts are reviewed by another writer on the team. You can be sure your web content went through a strict quality assurance process!