The Royal Canadian Mint produces Canada's circulation and collector coins. The Royal Canadian Mint's Gold Maple Leaf and Silver Maple Leaf bullion coins are recognized as the safest in the world thanks to their exceptional security features and easy-to-use authentication system.

The Royal Mint already had a product for identifying coins. It's a system equipped with a USB camera linked to an application. The system consists of a cube into which you slide a coin, which is then photographed by a camera and authenticated.

Nmédia's mandate was to create a new product for Royal Mint based on the same principle but using the smartphone camera and a mobile application instead of the cube to make authentication more easily accessible to all. To achieve this, Royal Mint wanted to proceed in stages, developing a product that would first be used to authenticate 400 oz or 1 kg gold bars for a niche clientele of investors. Then, in subsequent stages, continue fine-tuning the application to authenticate silver ingots and, finally coins.

The new application had to include:

  • The use of augmented reality to properly scan gold bars;
  • The ability to access the account provided by Royal Mint on your phone to access the scan;
  • The ability to select the type of product you want to authenticate;
  • Take a photo of the product and send it to the Royal Mint server;
  • Receive a proof-of-authentication response.

To complete this project, our Nmedian team, including two developers, a designer, a project manager and a software architect :

  • Passed Canada's high-level security clearance to gain access to Royal Mint's source code;
  • Worked with Visual Studio and Xamarin technologies. With the end of Xamarin support, a migration to .NET MAUI technology is underway;
  • Worked in DevOps, where the source code is located, enabling Royal Mint and our Nmedian team to access and collaborate on the project. From there, our team set up automated App Center and the Stores deployments. App Center then served as an internal platform to share the application with Royal Mint's QA team, before publishing it to the Stores;
  • Created a functional, simple and clear design by finding the right colours and style for the application;
  • Created a public application and one for Royal Mint's internal team to manage their product and authentications.

Objectives accomplished

Royal Mint now has a smartphone application for authenticating gold bars. The targeted customers who need to authenticate their gold and know its value are more than satisfied by being able to download the application easily. Research and development are ongoing to improve the authentication process further and eventually support more products accessible to a more extensive customer base, such as silver bullion and coins. As requested by Royal Mint, Nmédia continues to evolve its product to this day because, as we know, smartphones and cameras are constantly evolving and improving every year. As a result, the user experience becomes more and more optimal. Nmédia is proud to have partnered with Royal Mint since 2020 to develop the application further.

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