Evaluation of technological challenges

Let's talk about your project

What would you like to get from an analysis? Cost control, risk management, stakeholder identification? With great listening, support and responsibility sharing, we guide you throughout your entire project.

Communication and trust are at the heart of our relationships

In our feasibility studies, technical analyses or business process optimizations, we value team work: you will be asked to approve each step of your project and to share comments if changes are required. Your main contact is a project manager who ensures good communication among all parties involved.

How we guide you in making good decisions and adopting the best business strategies

Here's what we can do for you:

  • Interact with your decision-makers to help them prepare a master plan to address existing technological challenges within your organization
  • Meet with key individuals for a particular project and develop a detailed report including all project needs
  • In collaboration with your team, identify your return on investment by using various techniques to optimize workflow
  • Prepare a feasibility study prior to a new project while taking key factors of resource allocation (budget, timetable, human resources, etc.) and technological advancement into consideration
  • Following the choice of an analysis work method, produce elements (UML diagrams, Agile user stories, Business Requirement Documents or PMI Statements of Work, etc.) to determine costs, timetables, project scope & quality

Consulting and business process analysis

Studying your business processes allows us to understand how information is communicated within your organization. We are also able to establish a list of possible improvements for your electronic business solutions to meet your needs, whatever they may be:

  • Improve the quality of your products and services
  • Raise staff productivity without increasing workloads & possibly reduce payroll
  • Automate repetitive tasks and reduce mistakes
  • Collect data
  • Create intelligent forms and various reports
  • Boost autonomy
  • Receive updates automatically
  • Optimize your business processes & workflow
  • Share information in real-time among suppliers’ various informational systems (interoperability engines between distant systems)
  • Manage access
  • Complete your existing informational developments and those that have been put on hold
  • Enhance lost data resiliency
  • Simplify your system and increase security

Agile methodology & Scrum

  • You are involved in the production process
  • You see in real-time evolution of your project
  • You can change and comment during the process
  • You can approve or refuse certain function settings during development
  • You have no unpleasant surprises as the project draws to a close!

Agile methodology is based on iterative processes where priorities are constantly re-evaluated. Kanban, XP and Lean are other Agile methodologies used. These project management processes are based on your feedback and project deliverables. They offer greater flexibility and better risk management.