Web interface design

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No matter the type of Web, mobile or multi-platform project, our designers create visual tools aligned with your brand image. An interface design that fits user profiles is a guarantee of credibility and professionalism for your organization.

A strategic, totally artistic approach

Our interface designers are creative, yet strategic. They focus on:

  • Drawing the clients' attention, seducing & informing them
  • Showcasing your content and products
  • Improving the perception and credibility of your products & services
  • Creating a visual impact that stands out among your competitors
  • Creating an interactive design
  • Optimizing interfaces for mobile & tablet use
  • Classifying information clearly

Creation of functional prototypes

Our Web interface designers develop prototypes that reflect the interface of your site or Web, mobile or software application. With our ergonomists, they improve browsing experience while respecting usability criteria.

With interfaces optimized for mobile devices, your website will be:

  • Accessible on any type of device, iOS (Apple) or Android
  • Perfectly displayed on all browsers, no matter the size of the device used. It's even perfect for future generations of cellphones and tablets!

Optimized interfaces enhance the user browsing experience and help your search engine optimization (SEO).

Design of multiple visuals adapted to your brand image

  • AdWords banners
  • Motion design video
  • Social media visual
  • Illustrations, icons and computer graphics
  • Brand image and logo
  • Range of organization signature products (business cards, email signatures, letterhead, etc.)
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