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Software architecture

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In order to reach full potential, all systems must have a solid base: software architecture that represents all elements found in information systems in a structured manner and that identifies these elements interactions. Mapping this architecture is an essential phase enabling better comprehension of application activity and ensuring inter-operational compatibility among systems in order to develop high performance IT systems.

The goal of an IT architectural model is to describe the "how-to".

At Nmédia, when developing any software architecture, our team analyses all the variables such as performance, personalization, security, desired functions, etc. assuring the best possible developmental planning of your customized solutions.

What is the goal of software architecture?

  • Design and structure applications based on specific metrics
  • Logically break down each information system
  • Create a comprehensive portrait of various system components and their interactions
  • Assist developers in software design and implantation

Various structural models

Among other possibilities, our team highlights specific structural programming models, such as MVVM (model, view, view model) and SOA (service-oriented architecture).

  • SSO (Single sign-on)
  • Single-page application
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