Website performance metrics

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Is your website profitable? Are you using the right tools to analyze its performance? It is important to assess results by studying your clients' browsing habits. Our marketing strategists use statistical tools & performance testing to enhance your website profitability and convert potential clients into loyal ones.

Assess your website performance with Google Analytics

See which of your website's pages are the most popular and get to know the information you need to prioritize. You want to go further? Benefit from Google Analytics's advanced tools that enable you to create:

  • Automatic updates if there are major changes in website user statistics
  • Multi-channel conversion funnels
  • Statistic breakdown by client type
  • E-commerce statistics to measure your profit
  • Performance data on your Internet settings

Evaluate your website returns thanks to performance testing

These tests help you identify content that better fits your business goals and also see the interaction between your Web pages and your clients:

  • Alpha/beta testing
  • Diagnostic tests
  • A/B testing

The results of these tests enable us to:

  • Better structure and place strategic elements of website content
  • Maximize customer conversion toward your products and services

Improve your online business

By analyzing your data and statistics, our team can prepare a customized report about your website usability so that you can improve its performance. Our strategists also write Facebook and LinkedIn performance reports. A great social media strategy plays a key role in your customer service and is without a doubt profitable!

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