Multiplatform mobile application

Let's talk about your project

Provided that expectations are well-defined and target devices properly designated, a multiplatform solution can be designed to configure your application on tablets and cell phones using various systems (Windows 10, iOS and Android). Our team has all the expertise necessary to guide you throughout the course of your project and offer mobile development that will optimize your business processes.

The intuitive and personalized mobile application that you will have in your hands will be easy to manage, on the cutting-edge of technology and can be marketed in various stores (Apple, Android, Windows).

User-centered browsing experience

Nmédia has a team of ergonomists and certified interface designers (Certified Usability Analyst with Human Factors International). We use iterative design that involves users throughout the process in order to evaluate and improve decisions made in the design stage. This is why we have a UX department that focuses on the user experience. Thus, you can be sure that the applications we develop are easy to use, offer a user experience targeted to your audience and that are also intuitive, fun and efficient as they are close to a mobile native experience.

Optimized mobile technology experience

We not only develop web applications, we also create a total mobile experience by considering the entire ecosystem of a mobile project and by optimizing it, for example with Web service compression, proper segmentation of data structure, process optimization and more.

Tried & tested technology, on all platforms

We develop on all existing platforms such as iOS (Cocoa & Xcode), Android (Java) and Windows (XAML), for your smart phones and tablets.

We work with a rather large spectrum of high-performance technology, such as:

  • Xamarin multiplatform applications for iOS, Android and Windows
  • PhoneGap development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • 3D Unity multiplatform development

Looking to the future

Since the introduction of the iPhone that considerably changed our approach to new technology, could it be that we are at the dawn of a new digital era with the emergence of virtual reality? It seems like it, but we are not quite there yet because Oculus Rift virtual reality seems to have its limitations. But don’t let that get you down, because the future of enhanced reality with HoloLens looks very bright. To learn more on the subject, please check out our blog article that looks to a future full of promising technology!