Web analysis and recommendation reports

Let's talk about your project

Are you in need of a situational analysis concerning your current situation to reach your business objectives more efficiently? As always, our team is available to prepare an audit of your site, application or installations and will then create a list of points to consider for improving the quality of your services. For any analysis performed before, during or after a project, we prepare a detailed recommendation report of our results and suggestions for improvements to be made.

User experience (UX) reports

Are you seeking to develop your e-business but have no idea where to begin? Let us help you evaluate the user experience you generate in order to identify steps needed to reach your business objectives. We offer two kinds of personalized reports:

  • An ergonomic report that identifies opportunities aiming at reducing the number of errors on your site, improve efficiency (usability) and increase satisfaction in accomplishing a task
  • A performance report that includes data analysis, interpretation of gathered statistics as well as recommendations to improve your position in search engines and increase traffic, sales and the popularity of your website

Accessibility compliance reports

Our team is equipped to create comprehensive Web accessibility compliance reports. All members put great emphasis on establishing methods so that your website or application respects government rules and regulations concerning Internet access to products and services for people with visual, hearing or cognitive impairments, the elderly or Internet users favoring cellphones and tablets.

Structure/code reports

Various scenarios lead to the need to verify IT platforms:

  • Due diligence prior to the purchase of IT solutions
  • A third-party review of internal work or that of sub-contractors
  • Need to measure the technological debt accumulated by a given project
  • Request for a compliance audit
  • Desire to measure the performance of a development team

Numerous types of interventions are available:

  • Peer review: in coaching mode: our specialists will follow your developers
  • Code review: our team will use your code, in part or as a whole, to share their observations
  • Process review: Nmédia will conduct an audit of the primary workflow and design patterns presented in the code to measure good practices and suggest optimizations to be made
  • Technology review: our specialists will study the technology used and for what purpose in order to identify opportunity for improvement, hosted libraries cost reduction and even technological risks

In all cases, we will provide clear and concise reports adapted to the people who will be analyzing them.

Compliance audits

Do you have a website, application or software system that is malfunctioning yet you are unable to identify the source of the problem? Our team is able to evaluate the current state of your network infrastructure by conducting a compliance audit. It proceeds with data collection to evaluate the vulnerability of your present installations. Are they secure? Do they respect current codes and standards?

Rely on our team to analyze your situation!