Websites and Web applications

Let's talk about your project

Your Web identity must reflect your brand’s image, but must also be seductive, easy to manage, promote a positive user experience and respond to your business needs. With more than 650 projects to their credit, our multidisciplinary team is able to design and develop a website or application that meets your expectations in the goal of optimizing your business processes.

Don’t miss out on any stage of development!

Our specialists will guide you and give feedback through each stage of development during the course of your project:

  • Plan production stages
  • Analyze your business objectives (in order to establish your true needs)
  • Establish tree structure
  • Develop wireframes
  • Research writing and graphic design styles
  • Write and/or optimize Web content
  • Prepare visual mockups
  • Mockup integration
  • Customized programming
  • Quality assurance guarantee
  • Configuration of performance measurement tools
  • Online integration
  • 301 Redirects
  • Personalized training for your solution management
  • Post-production follow-up

Over the course of its development, your project will be coordinated by a dedicated project manager and will undergo omnipresent quality assurance verifications during each stage of production.

To learn more about our methodology and management, please refer to the section Web analysis and recommendation reports.

Proven technology

Whether it is a website or Web application, our team will develop electronic business solutions that respect your industry’s quality standards by working with technologies best suited to your work environment: HTML5, CSS3, ASP.Net MVC, jQuery, JSON or API.

Easy-to-manage Web solutions

Rest assured that our team will do all it takes so that you can manage your Web solutions autonomously. If we design a website, it is then integrated into a Content Management System (CMS) that is both progressive and easy to use. Even is we use various CMS, we prefer without a doubt the Altitude3.Net development platform as it was designed and is constantly being improved by our team.

If we develop a Web application, remember that it can be administered through intuitive management interfaces that are custom designed to meet your needs. In both cases, you can trust our team to help you master these new management tools.

Are you finding that the Web content you offer customers is less than ideal? Let us discover why and how we can revamp your brand’s image!