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Windows technologies

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Developing software applications

Though current trends lean towards mobile and Web for new development, software applications remain an excellent way to see a good return on investment especially when desiring to reduce the risk management associated with new technologies.

At Nmédia, we love surfing the waves of new technology, but our team also has the experience and knowledge required for development on Windows platforms, whether for starting a new project or working from an existing solution. Though the Windows Forms application holds no secrets for us, our specialty in this sphere learns towards more recent technological applications such as Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Thanks to the contributions made by modern technology in terms of visual composition, verification, separation of layers and testability, new Windows projects benefit from optimal quality as shown with the Excalibur solution (Armatures Bois-Franc) that enabled Nmédia to become a 2014 Octas recipient in the category Business solutions – Internal or customized development– 500+ employees.

Migrating or rewriting Windows applications

Do you have a technological debt for an application that is still being used but that may have seen its last update in the early 1900s? Do you want your application to take on different roles? Our team is able to handle migration projects for your Windows applications towards other technologies (Web or mobile) to transform or rewrite an existing solution.

Multiplatform development

In order to gain the best possible return on investment, we encourage a multiplatform approach that consists of creating only one development project that can then be projected across more than one platform.

In this domain, Windows applications are not left behind thanks to the recent introduction of Universal Apps that enables us to write applications that can function on various IT systems: smart phones, game consoles, tablets and computers. These models have reached maturity since the arrival of Windows 10.

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