Nmédia : a long-term technological ally

Mission and values

Nmédia guides mid and large-scale companies across Quebec in the strategic planning and production of their web, mobile and Windows projects to generate the best possible return on investment. We create personalized electronic solutions that respond to business’ true needs and adapt to their current and future business processes, whether developing a complete solution or integrating one that is already in progress.

Fun, responsibility, passion, collaboration and rigour are the values that drive Nmédians. Despite outstanding growth over the past few years, Nmédia has preserved their fundamental business culture that values their highly skilled people-power.

Because the human element is crucial to Nmédia’s undeniable success, it is in this regard that we plan to continue our development strategy over the next few years, through long-term alliances with clients who share our core values and with whom we will grow side by side. Nmédia’s goal is to develop business relationships based on trust and transparency.


Social implication

As a quality corporate citizen, Nmédia is active in the local community and business community across Quebec, especially when encouraging area initiatives in line with the company’s missions, values and principles. The company encourages 4 sectors of involvement: youth, education, sports and health.

Once upon a time, dawn of the millennium

First stared in the year 2000, Nmédia began with a team of 3 employees and build approximately one website per month. Development for the Altitude platform began in 2001, creating a content management system adaptable to the needs of SMEs and allowing Internet newbies to get their businesses online. Altitude3.Net, an improved version, was then developed, offering greater flexibility for advanced users and generating substantial economic revenues. The sharp growth that have followed require due diligence and day-to-day management.

A growing team needs more space

In 2010, Nmédia moved their offices in order to better respond to the growing needs of the team, and acquired a commercial building offering 8,000 ft² and representing a $1 million dollar investment. Furthermore, desiring to meet clients’ changing needs, Nmédia enhanced their consulting services to offer added value for projects. They specialize in web marketing, Internet ergonomics, mobile, software and focus on user experience.

Managing new growth

Over the last few years, Nmédia had learned to manage exponential growth, both in quantifiable ways such as productivity, employee numbers, sales and profitability as well as qualitative aspects such as winning numerous prizes across the country and demonstrating excellence, expertise and teamwork.

Nmédia, 15 years later

Operating in Quebec for more than 15 years, the company now employs nearly 55 professionals and is responsible for 650 customized IT development projects (websites, mobile or responsive applications, e-commerce, etc.). They serve mid and large-scale businesses across various industries throughout the Quebec City – Montreal corridor. Though Nmédia has retained a global approach by serving diverse corporations, they have also developed acute experience in two primary sectors: manufacturing and insurance & financial services.

Nmédia: 20 years of history and counting

Nmédia turned 20 in 2020. Nmédia now counts on a team of more than 90 Nmédians specialized in IT and over 750 web, mobile, application and software projects. After 20 years of existence, we realize how much we've been through and accomplished, and we have a lot to tell.. Stories, anecdotes, obstacles, partnerships, victories and other events that have shaped our identity and our values. Travel through our timeline with its distinct Nmédien flavour!

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Why work with Nmédia?

  • An extensive, multidisciplinary team of professionals
  • Courage to innovate and face new challenges head-on
  • A long-term technological ally
  • Solid experience built over the past 15 years
  • Excellent knowledge of your industry
  • A team well-versed in Quebec business practices both financially & technologically
  • Personalized strategic planning
  • Advanced and continually evolving management methodology
  • Projects focused on user experience (UX)
  • Outstanding web & mobile expertise
  • People who will always give you the right time
L'importance de collaborer
Octas winner
Business solutions - Internal or customized development - more than 500 employees - Excalibur (Armatures Bois-Francs)
Interbusiness electronic business - B2B, VR TARIF (Leclerc Assurances)
Octas finalist
Business solutions - Customized development solutions – SME - Online services (Bourret Transport)
Web solutions - Altitude3.Net (Nmédia)
Web solutions - Leisure Quote (Aviva)
IT project management - LacToLogic (Lac-T)
Commercial success - Nmédia
B2C General Public Electronic Business - Prêts-à-rénover (Rona)
Profit 500
2014 PROFIT 500 emerging Canadian leaders
Impact awards
Web development Partner of the Year
Service business


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