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Building our employer brand

Traditionally, there are few differences between a company's complete website and its careers section. The tone is the same, the visual aspect is uniform and we barely dare to go further.

However, businesses have everything to gain from a developed employer brand, namely by establishing their image both as employers and as product & service providers. Developing our employer brand means highlighting our employees to attract new ones. It is also a substantive work made on the company's objectives.

As fun, good work environment and friendship are at the forefront at Nmédia, we created a completely distinctive platform from our corporative website to show it all to potential candidates.

Creating a website dedicated to recruitment

A huge collaborating work allowed us to introduce you to our website:

Marketing strategy

Review of Nmédia's values, business objectives and personality. Strategy to share it through all channels, content creation and visual design.

User experience strategy

Creation of an information structure and wireframes that emphasize our daily life, testimonies, the benefits to work here, the listing of our career opportunities and our social blog.

Graphic design

Adaptation of our brand image for recruitment: a more organic version of our corporative logo to reflect the human and the less serious sides of our daily life. Customized and original graphical interventions throughout the pages with a hand-drawn look.

Web editing

Writing with Nmédia's tone, similar to a chat between friends (jokes included). The use of "tu" instead of "vous" in French to show the friendship that links the employees and to make the future ones feel like home.

Job offers that fit our image

Our job offers were completely revisited to make them fit the tone and the visual aspect of our employer brand. Each job offer is customized to give real examples from our everyday life and to make sure it reflects the kind of person we are looking for.

A more effective SEO for the job seekers

We also incorporated snippets in our job offers, allowing Google to integrate them in its careers section. Today, about 50% of the people searching on Google have their answers without even visiting a website!

30% more CVs received after 3 months

Only 3 months after the launching of our careers website, we received 30% more CV than usual. The applicants also have a better understanding of who we are and of our work environment. This way, they are more likely to stay longer on the website. And above all, the candidates share our values.

Comments from people in job interviews

  • "Employees' testimonies made me want to apply."
  • "I'm looking for a 'not boring' job atmosphere and your website proved me that this is what you offer."
  • "I really liked the use of "tu" [in the French version], I instantly understood that you're not like other really strict companies."
Nmédia Carrière
Nmédia Carrière
Nmédia Carrière
Nmédia Carrière
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