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Vaillancourt Doors and Windows

Website redesign

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Vaillancourt Doors and Windows has been part of the Drummondville landscape for 70 years. Its mission? Offering reliable, performing, aesthetic and 100% Quebec-made products. To do so, Vaillancourt offers a wide variety of products, from front doors to patio doors, through sliding, awning, hung and casement windows and much more.

Work assigned to Nmédia

Vaillancourt Doors and Windows already had a website. However, the latter operated with a technology that didn't offer an optimal experience in terms of security and flexibility.

The company thus referred to Nmédia to proceed with a complete redesign of the website. The objectives:

  • Increasing the website's level of security
  • Optimizing user experience in order for them to easily find the information they are looking for concerning the products and retailers
  • Simplifying the submission request process
  • Establishing Vaillancourt as a leader in the door and window industry

Services offered by our team

Analysis and user experience strategy

Our marketing team had to establish Vaillancourt as a leader in the door and window industry.

To do so, our marketing strategists:

  • Identified the goals of Vaillancourt Doors and Windows
  • Analyzed the user journey on the website in order to optimize the road to conversion
  • Identified the keywords that will help improve the company's visibility on the Internet
  • Reviewed the content structure (in collaboration with the UX team)
  • Identified the call to actions that will help lead users to conversion
  • Set up performance measures

As for the UX team, they had to create the wireframes and to review, in collaboration with the marketing strategists, the website structure and the functionalities that would help improve the performances of the new website. The objective: simplifying the journey of users looking for information and simplifying the submission request process. To do so, the submission form was reviewed and optimized, and so was the content structure of the website.

Migration towards the Umbraco CMS

Vaillancourt wanted a technology that would offer better performances in terms of:

  • Security
  • Flexibility (for content management)
  • Maintenance (for updates)
  • SEO (to keep ranking well on search engines)
  • Loading speed on mobile (so consulting on mobiles or tablets would be optimal)

For all these reasons, we turned to the Umbraco CMS to host the new Vaillancourt Doors and Windows website.

Design modernizing

A huge design work was realized on the new website. The goal was to make sure the new image of Vaillancourt fit the values and mission of the company. To do so, our graphic designers:

  • Proceeded with a style research to determine which one would best answer the company's objectives
  • Created new promotional banners
  • Played with the shapes of Vaillancourt's logo (triangles and diagonals) to create a unity throughout the website

Optimized content writing

Our editing team had to structure and optimize the original content and write new one. The objective was to make sure Vaillancourt's customers found the information they needed in a quick and easy way. To do so, about 40 pages (in French and English) were written.

Finally, the editing team highlighted Vaillancourt's advantages in order for the company to stand out from the competition on different aspects:

  • Products quality
  • After-sale service
  • Product customization
  • Etc.

A huge work regarding the style (tone and style used for the website) and the content (strategic positioning of the keywords and content upgrading) was thus realized in order to increase the conversion rate.

Results that meet our expectations

During the weeks that followed the launching, we observed a great improvement concerning the website's performances. Proof in numbers:

  • An increase of 125% for the submission requests
  • An increase of 10% for the visits coming from search engines
  • An increase of 2% for the number of pages consulted by session
  • An increase of 20% for the average time spent on the website
  • An improving of 16% for the bounce rate

That's what we call a successful project!

Vaillancourt Portes et Fenêtres
Vaillancourt Doors and Windows
Vaillancourt Portes et Fenêtres
Vaillancourt Doors and Windows
Vaillancourt Doors and Windows
Vaillancourt Portes et Fenêtres
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