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Ann-Sophie Gosselin

Human Capital Advisor

Ann-Sophie is a person with a bit of energy (sometimes too much in her own opinion 😉) who likes to see the bright side of life. She loves to be stimulated and to constantly learn new things. That's what gives her so much energy: loving to learn and learning from the best! She is currently finishing her bachelor's degree in administration with a specialization in human resources management. She acknowledges that she is very excited to enter the great world of responsibilities.

Ann-Sophie has been playing soccer since she was a little girl and, in her own opinion, it's probably the sport that has allowed her to develop her ability to work in team. For her, a team spirit is essential to ensure the smooth running of a business, organization or any kind of team (at work, in sports, in a family).

She has 2 Labradoodle dogs (a happy mix of Labrador and Royal poodle) that she holds dear. In fact, she considers them as her children 😊.

Finally, she acknowledges that she is very eager to start her career and to evolve within a business that is aligned with her values. Being a Nmédian already makes her proud!

Hometown: Victoriaville, Quebec

Favourite quote: "The greatest mistake you could ever make in your life is being too afraid to make one." - John F. Kennedy

Why Nmédia?: For the corporate culture that values well-being at work and great family spirit.

Tastes & interests: Soccer, outdoor activities, Netflix (just sometimes) and dogs!!! Mostly dogs actually. 😉

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