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Antoine Prince

Antoine Prince

UX UI Designer

In his role as a graphic designer, Antoine offers professional listening and solutions adapted to clients’ graphic needs. He excels in creating visuals to enhance the project entrusted to him. With his expertise, he carries out mandates for websites, complex applications and marketing campaigns, as well as branding mandates when the opportunity comes.

As a member of the Nmédia family, Antoine is fully involved in the Nmédian life and activities. For him, the morale of the teams is primordial. He has made it his mission to be the team member who brings happiness to all the projects he works on. This is partly why he takes to heart his role in welcoming recruits.

Hometown: Sherbrooke, Quebec

Favourite quote: “Do it now, or never do it.”

Why Nmédia?: For the company culture and the team of specialists.

Tastes & interests: If we get close enough, chances are you will enjoy my passion for BBQ. Otherwise, my vice is video games.

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