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Arianne Dion

Graphic Designer

Arianne holds a Bachelor's degree in graphic design from the Université Laval. She is a very artistic person. Having studied music and arts and literature before her Bachelor's degree, she has touched different artistic spheres. This allowed her to broaden her knowledge and enrich the work she is currently doing.

Arianne has always loved to go further in life and expand her knowledge. That's why she is currently taking marketing courses to complement her work and to better understand the design-related field.

In addition to her studies, she is passionate about outdoor activities. She loves kayaking, hiking, camping, etc. She is a nature lover! She often combines this passion with photography, which is a hobby that kept her busy for many years.

Arianne is also a movie lover. It's not uncommon to find her in front of Netflix to utilize her free time. She is a person who loves to share, and meet new people, and that's why she loves to work in a team. For her, surpassing oneself and conquering new challenges are essential notions in order to continue developing, improving and learning.

Hometown: Drummondville, Quebec

Favourite quote: "Imagination is what enables us to understand things we have never experienced." - J. K. Rowling

Why Nmédia?: For the business values, the energy it exudes and for the team spirit.

Tastes & interests: Cinema, outdoor activities, photography, nature, and drawing.

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