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Isabelle David

Isabelle David

Communication Advisor

Isabelle is passionate about communications with over 10 years of experience in radio, television and print media. Creative, organized and jack-of-all-trades, she loves to learn and share her discoveries. Art and music are part of her life, and nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for her.

Eternally positive, Isabelle likes to be in the heat of the action. Teamwork nourishes her, and she likes to surround herself with people from all walks of life, each one more interesting than the next. Her greatest joy is to put everyone's qualities forward and to tell the most beautiful stories.

Hometown: Magog, Quebec

Favourite quote: "I wish you endless dreams and the furious desire to make some of them come true." - Jacques Brel

Why Nmédia?: For passionate human beings, a close-knit team and projects that are all more inspiring than the last one.

Tastes & interests: Kayaking, the mountain, music, sushi, Paul McCartney, skiing, skiing, and more skiing 😊!

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