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Jasmin Hamel

Web Integrator

With more than 10 years of experience to his credit, media integration holds no secrets for Jasmin. His meticulousness and creativity make him a specialist in the design and development of HTML projects. Despite his expertise, Jasmin is always seeking to perfect his skills and gain new knowledge.

Hometown: Drummondville, Quebec

Favourite quote: "RLRR LRLL"

Why Nmédia?: Few people truly like their job, but at Nmédia, the word passion is on everyone's lips. All the positive elements necessary for maximum performance are emphasized: training and personal development are strongly encouraged.

Tastes & interests: I have an overwhelming desire to bring originality to my surroundings. Brainstorming sessions and project management are of particular interest to me. Outside of work, I'm the drummer in a band.

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