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Joëlle Pepin

Executive and Financial Control Assistant

Joëlle’s 15 years of experience as an administrative assistant coupled with 20 years of accounting experience make her a strong link in the Nmédia chain. Beyond these professional skills, Joëlle has more than one trick up her sleeve. It is first and foremost her welcoming smile that greets you every day when you walk through the office doors. Positive and full of energy, Joëlle possesses terrific interpersonal skills and is a colleague who is always ready to help with projects, whatever they may be. For her, it’s simple: there are never problems, only solutions.

Hometown: Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec

Favourite quote: "There are no problems, only solutions."

Why Nmédia?: I wanted to be a part of a young, dynamic team where work is fun and playful. This represents who I am! I still have a thirst for knowledge and personally, it was a new challenge. I am proud to be a part of this organization and be able to share my skills.

Tastes & interests: I love travelling, globe-trotting, meeting people and learning about their way of life, their habits and their customs. I love music - both listening and trying to play. I enjoy volleyball and badminton, but I have to admit I am a better cheerleader than participant!

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